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         Automatic Delivery
         We automatically monitor your heating oil needs and assure that                    
         you will always be supplied on a timely basis. This means that you                 
         won’t run out of fuel or have to check your own tank. We provide           
         this service free of charge to our credit approved customers.                               

         Budget Plans
         The Halle Budget Plan makes planning your heating budget a snap!
         Available at no extra charge!

         Price Protection Plan
         Worried about the constant fluctuation of fuel prices? Lock into
         M.L. Halle’s Price Protection Plan.

         Tank Cleaning
         Periodic maintenance will extend the life of your equipment and
         protect your Investment. The Halle tank cleaning service filters
         and removes sludge or sediment from older fuel tanks.

         Tank Shield
         An oil tank treatment that lays down a protective film to prevent
         corrosion and pinhole leaks, Tank Shield can be injected into
         your tank with your next delivery.

          • Hot Water Boilers                • Oil Burners
          • Hot Water Tanks                  • Radiant Baseboard Heat
          • Hot Water Heaters               • Monitor Heaters

           Up-to-date Technology For Energy Conservation



Ten Reasons to Focus on
M.L. Halle Oil Services


1. Flexible Budget Plan

2. Competitive Prices

3.10-Day Discounts and
Senior Citizen Discounts

4. Experienced Personnel

5. Reliable 24-Hour Service

6. Automatic Metered Delivery

7. 9 Radio Dispatched Trucks

8. Up-To-Date Technology for
    Energy Conservation

9. Sales and Installation of Qualty
    Oil Heating Eqipment

10. Serving The Community Since 1961


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