A clean, efficient, smooth-running heating system is an important part of your family’s home comfort and can help reduce your oil consumption. We all know that the cost of replacing your heating unit can be expensive. In order to get the most from your current system, we recommend that you have it serviced annually to keep it running at its peak efficiency.

Halle Oil will service your heating (oil, gas or propane)and cooling systems 

     M.L. Halle Tune-Up on an oil system includes:
     ¤      Vacuuming the unit
     ¤      Nozzle replacement
     ¤      Pump strainer replacement
     ¤      Air filter replacement (warm air systems)
     ¤      Lubrication of motors, blower, pump
     ¤      Check of safety controls
     ¤      Efficiency test
     ¤      System adjustments for maximum performance
     ¤      TankSure® Test – an ultrasonic testing of your aboveground oil tank to determine the tank condition. (Optional for additional cost)


      Gas Service:

     ¤      All types of gas piping for small and large installations

     ¤      Gas fired heating systems and water heaters

     ¤      Gas fired space/room heaters

     ¤      Gas fired hanging garage heaters

     ¤      Annual service for all heating and water heater make and models

      More about the TankSure® Program ….
     ¤       TankSure® is an ultrasonic testing of your oil tank, typically done at the time of your annual maintenance.
     ¤       It measures the actual thickness or integrity of the tank itself, identifying any weak spots or areas of concern.
              Historically, between 90 and 95% of all tanks tested pass the initial inspection.
     ¤       Readings are taken at several locations on the tank. These readings are entered into a database and monitored for changes    from year to year.
     ¤       Once your tank is approved with the initial testing, your tank is covered under the program for a period of one year. If the tank needs replacing
              during that time1, you are entitled to $1000 towards the replacement of your tank.
     ¤       The TankSure® Program can be renewed each year.
     ¤       The program is transferable in the event the property is sold.
     ¤       Discounts on homeowners’ insurance may apply.

            We urge you to call and schedule your annual appointment today!

       1. certain restrictions apply

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