Failure of an aboveground heating oil tank does not occur often, but safety measures should be taken to avoid a catastrophic failure that could potentially result in significant environmental damage.
Internal corrosion is the primary cause of an oil tank failure. Moisture condenses inside the tank and settles to the bottom. When combined with other agents existing in the tank, such as sediment and bacteria, a form of acid forms which eventually causes pitting of the tank itself.
M.L. Halle Oil is proud to offer the TankSure® Program, providing both safety and security to homeowners when it comes to their oil tank.
TankSure is an ultrasonic testing of your oil tank, typically done when our service technician is there performing the annual maintenance. The tank readings, which measure the thickness of the tank metal, are recorded and monitored from year to year, monitoring the condition of the tank. Once the tank has passed the initial testing, the homeowner, as part of the program, is entitled to $1,000 towards the replacement of the tank, if and when it is ever needed. This program is transferable should the property be sold. Some insurance companies even offer discounts on homeowners’ insurance for being a TankSure participant.

 M.L. Halle sells and installs aboveground oil tanks for residential and small commercial  use. 

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