Halle Oil is pleased to welcome Champagne Oil customers to the Halle Oil family. Champagne Oil was a family run business that built a great reputation and knew most of their customers personally. When the Champagne's decided it was time to get out of the oil business they chose Halle Oil to continue on with what they started three generations ago.


M.L. Halle Oil now offers you electricity at a discounted rate!  Thats right you can save for 5 to 20% on the supply side of your electric bill guaranteed. We have partnered with Resident Power to offer you this savings. Its quick and easy to sign up and start saving right away. From our home page click on the Resident Power icon and choose ML Halle as your partner to sign up. You will need a copy of your electric bill and it will only take a couple of minutes to complete the information.

 All automatic customers receive the following:

               10 day price same as cash

               Peace of Mind-You won't run out of fuel

               Less Stress-no need to monitor your tank or call for a delivery

               Regular rates for Emergency Calls

               Preferred rates for your annual tune-up .

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