Frequently Asked Questions

        Q: Do I need to have my boiler or furnace cleaned every year?
        A: To keep your heating system operating efficiently, we do recommend annual maintenance. An Efficiently running unit uses less fuel, thereby saving on your  usage.

        Q: At what time of year should I have my burner cleaned?
        A: It does not matter what time of year your heating system is serviced. Our technicians can do it year-round.  Most of our customers have it done around the one year anniversary of their previous year's service, however it can be done whenever it is convenient for you.

        Q: I have a Monitor heater.  Does it need to be serviced every year?
        A: As long as your unit is operating properly, service on these units is only necessary every 4 to 5 years.  Although maintenance on Monitors tends to be somewhat costly, it does not need to be done annually as do boilers and furnaces.

        Q: When should I call to schedule an oil delivery?
        A: If you are not currently on automatic delivery and call to order your oil, please give us at least a 24 hour notice.  We suggest giving us a call when your tank reads about 1/4 to allow for scheduling and also to avoid a run out or emergency delivery situation for which applicable fees apply.

        Q: How much does my oil tank hold?
        A: The most common residential oil tank is a 275 gallon tank.  The maximum amount the tank can actually hold however is 255-260 gallons. This is in order to accommodate for the necessary air space at the top of the tank needed for expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuation, thus avoiding any excessive pressure on the tank.

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