Automatic Delivery

Automatic delivery eliminates the need for you to schedule oil deliveries and prevents you from running out of oil.

Automatic delivery is based on degree days. Degree days are determined daily and updated after each delivery. This is a very accurate system.  Let the experts at Halle Oil do the work for you.

This type of delivery is preferred by many of our customers, as it is more convenient for them. The burden of delivery is put on M.L. Halle Oil where with will-call customers the burden is on them. With busy schedules customers tend to forget to place an order, which results in an emergency call and associated charges. You never have to worry about running out of fuel!

Will Call Delivery

As a will call customer you monitor your own oil usage. When you need your next fuel delivery, please give us a call and we will dispatch one of our trucks to your location.  We recommend that when your tank reaches the 1/4 full mark to give us a call.  Please, give us a 1-2 business day notice for delivery, especially during the months of December-March. Some of our delivery area's are serviced only one day per week. When placing your order please verify which days we delivery to your home and what the minimun delivery amount is to avoid any additional charges.

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