M.L. Halle Oil is very proud to announce that we have  gone green! Since  December 1, 2009, we have been delivering Bioheat® fuel.

This means that our #2 home heating oil will be combined with a greener energy source called biofuel. The ratio is 95% home heating oil to 5% biodiesel. This blend is labeled B5.


Biodiesel creates American jobs,  reduces our dependence on foreign oil and is a domestic renewable energy that improves our current trade deficit.

Biodiesel is an American made product that , when combined with a petroleum-based product such as home heating oil, reduces CO2 emissions by 3.92% therefore improving our carbon footprint. Customers can also expect to see a reduction of around 5% in their fuel consumption.

Tests have shown that B5 burns cleaner and that no modifications to existing systems are necessary. Bioheat® fuel, at low blend ranges, has no ill effects on a burner’s performance. Now 3 years after Halle started delivering Bioheat® fuel we can say from experience that no modifications are needed.

Both Bioheat
® fuel and Biodiesel reduce carbon and sulfur dioxide emissions as well as soot and hydrocarbons resulting in a cleaner environment.

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